Our strongest lifts for use on pier, houseboats and bigger Yachts to lift heavy boats/RIB. This lift is made in thicker AISI 316 stainless steel and powder coated with a lifting capacity of 1000Kg.

PrestoMarine XXL1000 is an innovative and simple solution to effortlessly launch a Tender or RIB from the swim platform of your boat. It´s developed after requests from our customers wanting a lift being able to lift heavier RIB / Tender up to 1000Kg
Featuring a unique design combined with proven Swedish construction quality, it gives your family the opportunity to finally enjoy your PWC or RIB, ferry passengers to the mainland, discover marine areas inaccessible to larger boats, and last but not least, quickly respond to emergencies. The tender lift XXL1000 solves a problem that has long been a major annoyance to yacht owners for 50 feet and bigger. Yacht owners know the complication of bringing a PWC or a RIB onto the swim platform. The most common solution is to hoist the watercraft with a crane, but this usually takes more than a half hour for two people to launch or to lift up a watercraft. Through a unique patented solution, Presto Marine has created a lift that allows one person to launch or lift a watercraft in less than two minutes. Lifting 1000 Kg... No Problem, but be aware of lifting 1000Kg, you have to check if the swim platform is strong enough to handle that weight? We are available to help you with the installation and even calculate the strength of our boat and swim platform. We can manufacture special bracket  and solutions for your boat. Lifting something this heavy quickly requires hydraulics and a system that can spread the lifting power evenly, depending on the weight being lifted by each lifting arm. Presto Marine's Lift has been engineered to meet this challenge.
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