A PrestoMarine® XL500R Hydraulic lift, lifting a Dinghy on the back of a boat
A PrestoMarine® L200R Hydraulic lift, demonstrating the depth off the back of a boat
A PrestoMarine® XL500R Hydraulic lift, lifting a Dinghy on the back of a boat

PrestoMarine® Lifts

Making Boating Easier.

A PrestoMarine® electric/hydraulic lift allows you to quickly launch your tender or PWC right from your swim platform with ease.

Tired of using a crane to launch your dinghy? Find yourself unable to launch by yourself?

Do you find that boating lacks its enjoyment from the amount of effort it takes to launch your dinghy or PWC?

Welcome to PrestoMarine® Lifts

In less than 60 seconds you can launch your tender or PWC with a PrestoMarine® Electric/Hydraulic Lift.

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 Electric / Hydraulic Lift

The PrestoMarine XL500R is PrestoMarine's premier lift option with the ability to lift up to 1000lbs, it is well suited for heavier dinghies and PWCs. The Rail Series provides an easy-to-use system allowing you to bring your PWC or dinghy closer to the transom, relieving the weight from your boats trim.

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Max Weight (lbs)
More than 500lbs
Swim Platform Depth (inches)
More than 30"
Product Information
AISI 316
Powder Coated
Wireless Control
One Included
12V / 24V
Keel Supports
Two Included

Our Customer Success Stories

Read and watch how our customers love their PrestoMarine® Lift.

I use my PrestoMarine® Lift to be able to bring my RHIB when I’m out at sea. I used to have it dragging behind my boat but this is a much better solution. The lift works to my full satisfaction. In just a minute I can launch and haul the RHIB on and off the platform. PrestoMarine® Lift is a really great product many boat owners will enjoy.

Halifax, NS
Grand Banks 47

When I bought my new boat, I wanted a good solution in order to bring the Jet used by my son. PrestoMarine® Lift proved to fulfill my wishes. This patent is genius, simple, and the speed of operations is the main advantages. Wherever I land my boat, people gather around and want me to demonstrate the lift. I am so happy with my PrestoMarine® Lift and with the amazing service MA Products provides.

Victoria, BC
Nord West 560

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