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Hydraulic Lines for Dinghy Davit XL500

Picture showing hydraulic line with fitting BSP 1/8 Female to Female which is used between hydraulic cylinder and True-hull fitting

L200 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the L200 Series Lifts

XL500 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the XL500 Series Lifts


About Prestomarine Dinghy Davit history

A PrestoMarine dinghy davits or jet ski lift allows you to quickly launch your tender or PWC right from your swim platform with ease.

Why Buy a PrestoMarine® Dinghy Davit or Jet Ski Lift?

Choosing between different brands depending of your need of davit system, dinghy lift or Jet ski lift, often involves several general factors:
Compatibility with your Boat:
Not all lifts are suitable for all kinds of boats. It's essential to choose a lift that is compatible with your boat's size, weight, type but mostly important of course your own physical ability or desire for simplicity  .
Ease of Use:
Consider how easy the lift is to operate. Ourlifts have user-friendly controls and features that make our davit lift easier to use than others.
Reviews and Recommendations:
Look for reviews from otherboat owners who have used our lifts. They can provide valuable insight into thepros and cons of each brand.
Before you make a decision, I'd recommend contacting a dealer to ask about the specific features and benefits of each lift and howthey could meet your needs.
Prestomarine four guiding principles with all of our products.


By continuously considering security and evaluating products and services, we create the best conditions for safe boating.


We work methodically to select the best materials, production methods, and design for our products.


It is important to us that our products have distinct esthetic expression and well-functioning interfaces.


We have invented a transom lift that can launch or retrieve a tender or a PWC at the flick of a switch, in less than 60 seconds.

PrestoMarine's Core Values

At PrestoMarine, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality and cost-effective products and services.

- We offer high-quality and cost-effective products and services that add value to customers with high expectations.
- We act with integrity and respect. Our professional employees are engaged in offering customers and partners high service with afriendly approach.

- We make a positive difference, make things happen, and are the quick first mower.
- We never stop learning and strive to be a learning organization.
- We generously use our knowledge and experience to provide customers and employees with what´s needed.
- We show leadership with a positive and attentive approach to every task.
- We work as a team and are competent and creative.

- We are passionate and enthusiastic and find joy in what we do.
- We treat customers, and ourselves, humbly and respectfully.
- We build relations through honesty and responsibility.
- We promote cooperation and find pride in the diversity of people and ideas.
- We take responsibility, own initiatives, and are not afraid of making decisions.

A PrestoMarine XL500R Jet ski lift with VXR Wave runner from Yamaha

About PrestoMarine®

AboutUs – Learn more about us and our passion to boat life. At PrestoMarine, we are a company that is passionate about boating and providing solutions for boat owners. Mikael, our founder, had a frustrating experience on vacation. He did not know how to lift and store a dinghy or jet ski on a family'sboat swim platform. This inspired him to create high-quality inflatable boatlift.

Our patented lift, the Presto L200/XL500, is at the heart of our company today At PrestoMarine, we get it. Exploring the open waters with your inflatable boat/tender is thrilling and joyful. We offer a variety of dinghy davit lifts to meet the needs of boaters. We pride ourselves on the positive associations connected to Sweden as a high-end industry nation, but it also entails obligations. Quality, precision, and reliability are at the core of our brand promise and are reflected in ourbrand identity.

About or values, we selling high-quality stainless steel and easy access swim platformlift for your boating needs. This includes dinghy boat lifts, jet ski lifts,and inflatable dinghy davit systems. These products enhance your boatingexperience. We are devoted to supplying creative products and services. These products and services emphasize functionality, circular economy, quality, andstate-of-the-art service.

Our vision is to be the leading global personal watercraft lifts aids.At PrestoMarine, we are committed to providing a quality experience. We want to make boating and our products more enjoyable. We view our customers as family. Our goal is to provide them with the same level of helpand support we would give to our loved ones. We are proud to offer a range of boat lift systems.

These include dinghyboat lifts, jet ski lifts, and inflatable dinghy lifts. All of these solutions have been designed with the needs of boaters in mind. PrestoMarine has the perfect lift for williams jet tender or for your Seadoo Spark or any other type of personal watercraft. We have you covered also if you need floating dock system to. In conclusion, when it comes to quality, reliability, and innovation in the marine industry, PrestoMarine is your trusted partner.

Start your next water journey with confidence. You have the support of the top manufacturer of boat lifting aids, this will ensure your success. Discover why countless boating enthusiasts choose PrestoMarine for their marine needs and let us help you enhance your boatingexperience.

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Happy family were mother and father looking on how their daughter by herself, launching the Sea Sedo jet ski lift on only 30 seconds.

Our Customer Success Stories

Read and watch how our customers love their PrestoMarine® Lift.

I use my PrestoMarine® Lift to be able to bring my RHIB when I’m out at sea. I used to have it dragging behind my boat but this is a much better solution. The lift works to my full satisfaction. In just a minute I can launch and haul the RHIB on and off the platform. PrestoMarine® Lift is a really great product many boat owners will enjoy.

Halifax, NS
Grand Banks 47

When I bought my new boat, I wanted a good solution in order to bring the Jet used by my son. PrestoMarine® Lift proved to fulfill my wishes. This patent is genius, simple, and the speed of operations is the main advantages. Wherever I land my boat, people gather around and want me to demonstrate the lift. I am so happy with my PrestoMarine® Lift and with the amazing service MA Products provides.

Victoria, BC
Nord West 560

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