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Hydraulic Lines

Hydraulic Lines

Includes 1 New Hydraulic Line

L200 Lift Arm

L200 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the L200 Series Lifts

XL500 Lift Arm

XL500 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the XL500 Series Lifts

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Adjustable Swim Platform

 Hydraulic Lift

$ 1,250.00 USD

€ 1 250,00 EUR

The new Swim Platform for PrestoMarine's L200/XL500 dinghy lift provides extra space for bathing and easy water access. Easy to install, safe, stable, and compatible with L200/XL500 lifts, it enhances your boating experience.

Product Description

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product, the Platform for our product series L200 and XL500 Tender Lifts. This innovative platform is designed to provide an extra space for bathing, and make it easier for you to come up on the platform of your boat.

The Platform is a versatile solution that can be easily installed between the arms of the lift, providing a safe and stable surface for you to stand on. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the platform:

Increased functionality: With the Platform you can enjoy a larger and more convenient area for bathing, fishing, or other water activities.

Easy installation: The platform can be easily installed and removed as needed, without the need for special tools or equipment.

Safe and stable: The platform is designed to be safe and stable, with a non-slip surface and sturdy construction that can support up to 440 pounds.

Compatible with L200 and XL500 Lift: The Platform is specifically designed to fit the XL500 Lift from PrestoMarine, ensuring a perfect match and seamless integration.

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Rail Series Hydraulic Lift
Fixed Series Hydraulic Lift
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Adjustable Swim Platform

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I use my PrestoMarine® Lift to be able to bring my RHIB when I’m out at sea. I used to have it dragging behind my boat but this is a much better solution. The lift works to my full satisfaction. In just a minute I can launch and haul the RHIB on and off the platform. PrestoMarine® Lift is a really great product many boat owners will enjoy.

Halifax, NS
Grand Banks 47

When I bought my new boat, I wanted a good solution in order to bring the Jet used by my son. PrestoMarine® Lift proved to fulfill my wishes. This patent is genius, simple, and the speed of operations is the main advantages. Wherever I land my boat, people gather around and want me to demonstrate the lift. I am so happy with my PrestoMarine® Lift and with the amazing service MA Products provides.

Victoria, BC
Nord West 560

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