Through a unique patented solution

PrestoMarine has created a Tender lift that allows one person to launch or lift a watercraft in less than two minutes. With the Presto Tender lift mounted on a swim platform and loaded with a PWC/Tender boaters will now be able to easily use their Rigid Inflatable Boat or PWC for pleasure, ferrying passengers ashore, discovering marine areas inaccessible to larger boats, and last but not least, quickly responding to emergencies.

Different solutions on the market

PrestoMarine’s PWC / Tender lift has the same function as a hydraulic swim platform. In the pipeline of PrestoMarine there are several new innovative products that will improve boating. The tender lift L200 and XL500 solves a problem that has long been a major source of irritation to yacht owners. They know the complications of bringing a Waverunner or a Rigid Inflatable Boat onto the swim platform.

Dinghy and Tender Lift solutions for boat of all sizesTender Lifts L200F PWC support

PrestoMarine has  developed three different models depending on what you need to lift up on your swim platform. Our smallest Presto L200 is developed for the needs for up to 440 lb or 200kg. Since we introduced our first lift XL500 2011, we have focused on manufacturing our lifts with the same high quality but with a lower cost. Therefore, we are especially proud of our Presto L200 which has a very competitive price compared to other solutions such as hydraulic platforms, cranes and different type of davits.

The advantages of Our lifts are.

  • One person can easily launch a PWC or tender in less than two minutes.
  • Easy to operate
  • All moving parts are above the water
  • Low weight
  • The lift is mounted on the swim platform and does not extend the length of the boat.
  • Divers are not needed for maintenance.
  • Can be operated by hand if needed
  • Stainless steel 316

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