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My Journey to innovating Prestomarine Dinghy Davits

Welcome to PrestoMarine and our blog! Do you wish to be a happy family exploring a new beach? Discover how PrestoMarine makes your dream come true by making boating more enjoyable and safer so every enthusiast can pursue their passion with ease and renewed vigor to maximize boating with joy and simplicity, so follow us on our new blog journey.

The Birth of an Idea of better Davit system to make boating more comfortable

I'm Mikael Johansson,the founder of Prestomarine. I'd like to share my story with you, the storybehind our lifts, and why I felt compelled to create solutions that wouldtransform the boating experience, especially for older enthusiasts like me. Mypassion for boating has been a lifelong affair, and over the years, I have seenmany aspects of the industry evolve. However, one constant challenge remainedis the physical effort required to manage and maintain boats because of age. Asgrew older as boaters, I noticed that many of my peers, much older graduallytalking about giving up on boating, discouraged by the physical strain and thecomplexity of handling boats. It struck me that there had to be a better way tohelp boaters continue their passion into their golden years without thesehurdles up to age of over 70.

There are challenges to be a boater in high age.

The idea forPrestomarine came to me as I watched a close friend struggle to lift his dinghywith that time dinghy davits. It was clear that he needed something that couldsimplify this process, something that did not require substantial physicaleffort or technical expertise. I realized that what we needed was not just anew product but a new approach to how lifts were designed and operated.

Pull up davit system
Pull up davit system for smaller dinghy, but still you need to be strong

What did the market had to offer when it came to a jet ski lift

With a clear vision in mind after I did some research onforum, it was many at that time was struggling how to bring jet ski on theirboats, they needed a Jet Ski lift. Some manage to get it up on the platformwith homemade solution and a lot of power. Many tried to pull jet ski behindthe boat, but it didn't work as there was a back suction that filled the jetskis with water, so it sank. At that time there was no davit system on themarket that could lift a 350kg jet ski onto the boats swim platform. At thattime, the David's system that was on the market, then managed a maximum of150kg. In those days a dinghy would rather weigh no more than around 150kg withan engine, so the regular davit lifts worked, now 14 years later a moderndinghy weighs 300kg and up you have a new challenge regarding dinghy davits,jet ski lifts.

Designingwith Empathy of the new Davits    

So in October 2010, Istarted to invent and designed the dingy davits lift we selling today, thatwould be easy to use for someone with even limited physical strength. I focuson to be able to handle 350kg, because it was the heaviest jet ski on the marketat the time, so why not aim for it. Next focus was on automation anduser-friendly controls, ensuring that the lifts could be operated by anyonewhether you were young, old with minimal force . In my case I want my ownchildren to be able to launch our dinghy by themselves just by push of abutton. I also prioritized the aesthetic aspect of the design, as I wantedthese lifts to enhance the visual appeal of their surroundings, be it a privatedock or the stern of a yacht.

Commitmentto Quality stainless steel minimum    

Knowing that these lifts would operate in harsh marineenvironments, I chose materials like Duplex and stainless steel for theirdurability and resistance to corrosion. It was essential that PrestoMarinelifts be reliable, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance, to ensurethey added value and reduced hassle for their users. The response toPrestomarine lifts was overwhelmingly positive. It was gratifying to see howour products could significantly reduce the burden of boat handling. Users werenot only safeguarded against potential injuries but could now enjoy more timeon the water with less preparation and cleanup. The lifts proved particularlypopular among older boaters, who found that these tools enabled them tocontinue their boating adventures with renewed enthusiasm and safety. As Icontinue to lead Prestomarine, my commitment remains strong to innovate andadapt to the evolving needs of boaters. We strive to integrate the latesttechnologies and sustainable practices in our designs, ensuring that our liftsset industry standards for efficiency and environmental consciousness.

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Sharing my story and the foundation of Prestomarine is not just about recounting the past but aboutinspiring future innovations. It's a testament to how understanding user needsand embracing simple, effective solutions can make a significant difference inpeople’s lives. Thank you for being part of this journey, and I hope our liftscontinue to enhance your boating experiences, just as I envisioned.Follow ushere on our blog and you will get more stories and we will write material ineducation purpose, comparing different system, publish our new product that wewill show market during 2024.