Making Boating more fun

Make fun, not boating work!

A float should be relaxed and enjoyable. So launching your tender or PWC should never be a struggle. No strength required- anyone can operate it! The Presto Marine lifts require very little effort. Young or old, it makes no difference. A few simple steps make it easy to launch or recover your tender. Let us do the work, not you.

Dinghy or PWC - neither is a problem!

Do you want to lift a dinghy onto your 30 footer, perhaps a PWC on your 45 footer or even a 900KG tender for your 80 footer? Whatever your combination of boats, we have the solution.Weight too far back can change your boats trim, making it more difficult to get up onto a plane. Our rail systems can pull your tender or PWC forward over the swim platform reducing unwanted weight distribution effects and giving added protection from stern waves.

A trip ashore - now!

Imagine how easy it could be to get to that alluring beach. In less than 60 seconds you and your family can be on your way. This is why you came boating, so why not make the most of it? When its time to go ashore, let it be fun without lots of hard work.
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