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PrestoMarine was founded in 2008 by Mikael Johansson from Skellefteå, Sweden. It was then called Marine Performance, since January 2013 the brand name PrestoMarine Lifts was being to used and the name of the Productions company is MA Products AB.
The boat enthusiast Mikael Johansson had a dream to start up a new company for selling and developing products for the marine industry, a dream that was realized in 2012. PrestoMarine Lifts has several unique marine products of high quality, but the heart of the company his patented proprietary dinghy lift Presto XL500.

Presto Marine’s four guiding principles

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By continuously considering security and evaluating products and services from a safety perspective, we create the best conditions for active and safe boating.


We work methodically to select the best materials, production methods and design for our products in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. Swedish quality is highly ranked in international competition. The fact that we only work with retailers who can provide service around the clock is also a quality that offers security for our customers.


It is important to us that our products have a distinct esthetic expression and a well-functioning interface between function and users.


When we bring new products to market or develop our own, performance is a very important parameter. It is quite simply a matter of how well a product performs its task. How effective it is in terms of the amount of work performed in relation to the amount of power or other resources required. Making Boating More Fun and Less Work Every day we strive to find innovative ways to facilitate and enhance your time on the water. We offer products that make boating more fun, safer, and less tedious. Boaters who manage their own boats without a crew understand that although it is fun to go cruising, there are many activities that involve hard work. Our goal is to distribute products that remove work from boating. To that end, we have invented a transom lift that can launch or retrieve a tender or a PWC at the flick of a switch, in less than 60 seconds. Join us on our journey to make your days funnier and easier

Our commitments

At Presto Marine we are committed solely to the quality of your experience, which means that every moment you interact with our products and our people is designed to enhance the way you feel about boating and our products. We look upon customer relationship in the same way as we look upon our family. Our goal is that you should feel that we help and support you in the same way, whenever a situation so demands. Let PrestoMarine Lifts make it easier to enjoy lift with your family on the beach


  • If you have a question or an issue that needs attention, your dealer and our team will work together to make you 100% satisfied.
  • We will not have it any other way.
  • The Sales and Suport Team of PrestoMarine will monitor the progress of any repairs or problems you may have. Communication and follow-up is essential to customer care.
  • All boat owners are provided with contact information and are encouraged to ask us whatever questions they may have.
  • We do manufacture a world-class tender lift, but we are also there to build relationships with our customers.
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