L200 Tender lift

L200F configuration

PrestoMarine L200 Tender lift is developed upon requests from our customers

The difference between L200 and XL500 is that we use a different type of cylinder. This gives us a lighter lift for boats that are sensitive for to much weight on the stern. Presto lift L200 is an innovative and simple solution to effortlessly launch a smaller dinghy up to 200Kg from the swim platform of your boat.

Presto L200 Tender lift is also suitable for SEA-DOO SPARK

The new low cost and low weight waverunner. Read more about this product here www.sea-doo.com/watercraft/sea-doo-spark.html Seadoo-spark Featuring a unique design combined with proven Swedish construction quality, it gives your family the opportunity to finally enjoy your Dinghy, discover marine areas inaccessible to larger boats, and last but not least, quickly respond to emergencies.
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