History of Presto XL500

A man asked about how i came up to the solution of Presto XL500! and we told him:
We'll Our hydraulic tender lifts are manufactured in the country that invented safe cars, and Scandinavian design… Sweden. Not just Sweden, but northern Sweden, Lapland, mostly populated by elk, reindeer, bear, and a few hardy but ingenious Viking descendants who enjoy boating when the ice has melted and snowmobiling the rest of the year. There is very little time for boating near the Arctic circle, which is the reason why the product Presto PWC/Tender lift was invented here. With a Presto Marine hydraulic lift, in less than 60 seconds, a PWC, Waverunner or Tender can be launched from the water without you getting wet, an important fact considering that the water temperature is rarely much warmer than 16 degree Celsius. Which is not entirely true but it could… the true history is.

A girl called Carolin Boström

history1 Started the Presto XL500 history in the autumn of 2009. She was planning to start up a UF (young entrepreneur) company, which students can do in high school. But she had no idea what kind of business to set up, so she asked her father Mikael Johansson if he had an idea. The family has been boaters since 1999 and have had problems bringing along their RIB boat. The answer to Carolin’s question was constructing a tender lift to the family’s dinghy. Mikael gave her some hints how to do it. After some time, at the boat exhibition “Allt för Sjön” in Stockholm in March 2010, Mikael showed his daughter’s product which was called “Lift It Up”

In September 2010

Mikael was selling Rib boats at a boat exhibition in Stockholm, when a salesman from Nimbus came and asked if Mikael was the guy who makes hydraulic dinghy lifts. After some discussion Mikael found out that the product which his daughter had invented was not good enough because of the weight of the PWC, so he told the guy “YES it’s me, and I’m working on a new product but I can’t show it right now.” He went back to his office and after some research on boat forums, he realized that people discussed lifting a heavier PWC / Waverunner on to the swim platform of bigger boats, but there was no good solutions to the problem. On the market there was only one hydraulic dinghy lift in the form of a swim platform, which could be submerged into the water and used to lift heavy PWC.

Started to design a solution

history3 history2Mikael then began to think about how to solve the problem; the first drawing was made on 29 Oktober 2010. Only 10 days later, on 6 November, the drawing was updated as seen here. Only 44 days from the start, on 9 December, the drawing was updated as beside and at the end of February 2011. history5 The Lift It Up XL500 was ready to be patented and was shown on a boat exhibition just 4 months after the firstdrawing was made.There was great interest in the product so he could give the finishing touches to the design and develop the product for the market and start selling the new tender lift. In January 2013, the company name Marine Performance was changed to Presto Marine and at the same time the product name was changed from Lift It Up XL500 to Presto XL500 F/R
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